Education Services

Schools require special care and knowledge to succeed in today's technology-heavy educational environment. Macsolv's education customers can expect expert-level support of their schools and central offices. Our staff had worked extensively with dozens of K-12 schools and districts in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have experience in working with CIOs and directors to find the perfect solution, as well as working directly with educational technology in the classroom.

Macsolv help your school or district determine your ideal technology plan according to your budget. We also have access to development professionals who can help you determine educational technology grants for which you may be eligible.

At the district level,
Macsolv can recommend and implement solutions including (but not limited to):
Metropolitan-area networks (MAN)
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
District-wide Directory Services
Mobile Device Management (MDM) with automatic Device Enrollment (DEP)
Groupware/email solutions
Internet connectivity and service registrations
New/remodeling building technology infrastructure

At the school level, we will help you you succeed at:
HELP DESK onsite (or remote) service and troubleshooting
Complete server/network cabinet & rack design and configuration
Complete server (including complex, multi-domain, multi-server) configuration
Directory Services with single sign-on
Student account creation
State-of-the-Art student computer imaging, cloning, and clone delivery
Device deployment and assignment
device management software implementation
Student computer configuration and software security
School- (or district-) wide automated software license administration
Firewall and content filtering installation and configuration
Physical computer (and other asset) inventory, security, and theft prevention
Remote management/monitoring configuration